History & Social Studies Events

Adopt a survivor Program

Holocaust & Genocide Studies Class (2019-2020)

Because of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest, SHS had the distinct opportunity to participate in the Adopt a Survivor Program during the 1st semester of the 2019-2020 school year. Through this program, the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Students spoke with Fran Malkin, a Holocaust survivor, every two weeks. This survivor shared her story of survival and students asked her a wide array of questions. Because of this program, students have been charged with telling Fran Malkin's story to continue Holocaust education. The class chose to paint a mural which is currently displayed in the halls of school depicting Ms. Malkin's harrowing story. Additionally, the class hosted a Speaker Panel with two Holocaust for the larger Summit Community. On October 30th 2019, over one hundred members of the community, as well as people from across the state, gathered to hear these two stories. Students also shared what it was like to talk to a survivor, ultimately highlighting the importance and power of education and hearing testimony in combatting genocide and hate speech.

Life of a Civil War Soldier

Living History Event - May 31, 2019

US History I students enjoyed a Living History event in the SHS Library with members of the 2nd NJ Brigade (7th Infantry) who were in full uniform & gear to teach about the lives and experiences of Americans who served in the Civil War.